Over the course of eight years I co-built a strong brand and company doing custom, site specific art installations out of reclaimed materials.

We created work for great companies like Steppenwolf, Rent the Runway, the Museum of the Art Institute of Chicago, Facebook and even took part in a rewarding campaign for HoneyMaid that got over 5 million views and counting.

In 2008 I developed the branding, marketing and community for Chicago’s first coworking space, The COOP for One Design Company. It was sold 4 years later to NextSpace.



I adore creating environments, which is partly why I lived in 8 apartments over the course of 7 years. There is an opportunity to re-imagine when positioned in a fresh, new space. Gone are the days I pack up to move on a whim so these days are spent slowly and organically designing my home with unique treasures found from tireless hunting. Together with my love, Sam, we are plotting the next steps to making a more permanent home.

Check out my most recent space on Apartment Therapy.

Photograph by Britney Purlee

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In 4th grade I discovered I wanted to be an artist. Ever since, I’ve explored ways to satisfy that desire from painting to paper folding.

Formally trained as a Designer, I find myself skirting the line between Art and Design and continuously searching for form and function.


Linsey has a quiet determination that doesn’t rest when she has her eye on something she wants. She has a learn-by-doing mentality and once she puts her mind to a problem, she works endlessly until she solves it in a thoughtful yet simple way. She has always considered herself to be a dabbler and is always searching for new ways to make things.

Raised in the fruit belt of southwest Michigan, Linsey has a palette for the simple things in life. She’s passionate about the local food movement and makes multiple trips to Green Grocer a day.

In her past life, she was a web designer, developer, director, freelance graphic designer, production artist, a waitress, an assistant art teacher and now considers herself a maker and a doer first and foremost. In her future life, she hopes to create a product, become a mother and travel the world.

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